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Re: Spiped 1.4.x segfaults on i386

On 10/07/14 00:08, Denis Krienbühl wrote:
> I followed your steps and got the following results after running
> addr2line:
> /opt/spiped/1.4.1/spiped/../libcperciva/crypto/crypto_aes_aesni.c:52

Hmm, interesting!  Ok, next step:

1. Build again with `make CFLAGS="-O0 -g"`.
2. Run the utility and watch it crash.
3. Run `gdb ./spiped/spiped spiped.core` and at the prompt "p key" and
"p rkeys".

If gdb complains that spiped.core doesn't exist you'll need to enable
core dumps -- I'm not sure if Ubuntu has them turned on by default.

I *think* I know what the problem is here, but seeing the value of those
two pointers when the crash occurs should confirm it.

Colin Percival
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