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Re: Does anyone want key-resistant tamper-evident archives?

Thomas Tempelmann writes:
Is that just a question of manpower or is there an algorithm problem that's hard to solve? Or is it just the fact that the bandwidth to the server is limited?

Restoring is much too slow to be explained by bandwidth. My worst restore took several days and used less than 1% of available bandwidth.

Single-file restores are fast (at least fast enough not to irritate me). I think the problem is that that requests aren't pipelined. The client asks for a file, the server retrieves the file from the storage backend, the file is transferred, the client writes it to the file system, the client thinks about what file to ask for next, GOTO 1. If you're restoring half a million small files the network connection will be idle a lot of the time.

Life is much better if you restore a single big file (and even better if you don't have to restore).