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Does --newer work for -x?

I can't seem to find any format that it works for.

bela: /tmp> sudo tarsnap -cvf test test/
a test
a test/foo
                                       Total size  Compressed size
All archives                                 2485             1397
  (unique data)                              2485             1397
This archive                                 2485             1397
New data                                     2485             1397
bela: /tmp> mkdir foo
bela: /tmp> cd foo/
bela: /tmp/foo> sudo tarsnap -xvf test --newer "2016-01-01"
bela: /tmp/foo> sudo tarsnap -xvf test --newer "Jan 1, 2016"
bela: /tmp/foo>

However, and this seems a weird quirk, if I pass a number, which
tarsnap seems to parse as a time (I ascertain this as it rolls over at
either 2360 -- not working below there and working above), it extracts

bela: /tmp/foo> sudo tarsnap -xvf test --newer 2359
bela: /tmp/foo> sudo tarsnap -xvf test --newer 2400
x test/
x test/foo
bela: /tmp/foo>

I'm trying to pull updates out incrementally (archiving some old
backups), and being able to say "only pull the data that changed after
the timestamp of the previous backup" would be useful.