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Re: Repeated network failures

On 02/17/17 02:31, Bob Eager wrote:
> Six of the systems are fine. But, several days ago, one system started
> failing. That system is actually not being used at present, so no
> changes have been made.

Is this repeatable?  The sorts of issues which cause a system to *always*
fail are different from the issues which cause a system to *sometimes*

> I can successfully do:
> rikki# tarsnap --list-archives
> [...]
> But a simple backup of one file fails:
> rikki# sh -x z
> + tarsnap -c -v -v -v -f test --noisy-warnings testfile
> a testfile
> [...]
> tarsnap: Connection lost, waiting 90 seconds before reconnecting
> tarsnap: Too many network failures
> tarsnap: Error closing archive
> tarsnap: Error exit delayed from previous errors.
> rikki# 
> Any ideas, please? I have rebooted the system, in case it's a resource
> leak problem. I've also reinstalled tarsnap.

How large is 'testfile' in this case?  Does it work if you try to create
an archive containing a single *empty* file?

The combination of --list-archives working but -c not working usually
points to an MTU problem, but that seems strange given that you say that
no changes have been made recently.  What sort of internet connectivity
do you have?

Colin Percival
Security Officer Emeritus, FreeBSD | The power to serve
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