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tarsnap --print-stats without the cache?

I use a script[*] to monitor if backups are being taken regularly.  It
also checks the current storage consumed.  While I'm not actually using
those numbers for anything, my reasoning when I wrote the script was
that I could track the growth of data over time and have my monitoring
complain if the first derivative crossed some threshold either way.

Not very exciting.

After moving some stuff around so my monitoring doesn't connect as root
so much, the --print-stats bit stopped working because it can't read the
cache directory.  Fair enough.

I could presumably set an ACL on the cache directory but I wonder if
this sort of thing really needs access to the cache.  I know that the
Tarsnap server doesn't know anything about the individual archives, but
it surely knows about the total amount of data stored.

Colin: how do you feel about a variant of --print-stats that can print
out the storage (and maybe the bandwidth too?) use for a particular key?

I mostly care that my backups work but ... monitor all the things. :)


[*] https://trouble.is/~philip/check_tarsnap.sh.txt

Philip Paeps
Senior Reality Engineer
Ministry of Information