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Re: Low Transmission speed

OK, thanks. But the speed is bad. We can't use it for backup.

Am 19.02.17 um 22:35 schrieb Colin Percival:
Hi Thorsten,

On 02/18/17 23:47, Thorsten Nicklaus wrote:
last day I register to tarsnap. Everything works, except the speed thing.
Yesterday there was a upload rate around 0,5 MB/s.

Is the service everytime that slow? Because of the Amazon cloud I would expect
a full upload rate about 3-5 MB/s. What is normal for this service? I'm from
Germany, could that the reason?
Being in Germany will contribute -- your data needs to reach the tarsnap
service in the AWS us-east-1 region, not the region in Frankfurt.  You might
also find that the --aggressive-networking option helps, depending on exactly
where the bottleneck is.