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Re: tarsnap incompatible with openssl v1.1.0

Thanks!  Yes, we are adding a compatibility layer for OpenSSL 1.1.0:

I believe that at the moment, homebrew and openssl still use 1.0.2, so this is
primarily an issue for people using the unreleased Debian 9 Testing "stretch",
which does default to 1.1.0.  Our binary .deb package for stretch installs
without problems; if they are rebuilding the .deb via apt-source, running
"apt-get builddep tarsnap" will install the 1.0.2 headers.

That said, I see now that I should add a warning about this to:

- Graham Percival

On Thu, Mar 02, 2017 at 11:25:26AM -0500, Steve Holmes wrote:
> Just a heads-up: tarsnap (v1.0.37) will not compile with headers from the openssl v1.1.0 series. This is (from what I can see) due to changes in the definition of “struct rsa_st” in rsa.h which makes that structure “anonymous”. Compiling with openssl v1.0.2 series works perfectly. (My environment is MacOS 10.12.3, but this is probably OS-independent.)
> /steve holmes