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Re: Merging tarsnap accounts / moving servers between accounts

On 04/08/17 20:13, Victor Boctor wrote:
>> I can move machines between accounts.  Send me an email off-list with details
>> and I'll take care of it for you.
> Great to know that this is possible.
> So, the information you would need is:
> - Source account
> - Target account
> - Server name(s)

Correct.  (And I'd also need to verify that you are in fact the owner of both
accounts, of course.)

> The following would happen:
> - All existing archives will be moved to the target accounts.
> - New archives created during or after move will use same key and end up in the target account?


> What are the changes (tarsnap commands) I would need to apply on the moved server(s), if any?

You wouldn't need to do anything.  From the perspective of the "backup
service" code, a machine (aka. a set of keys and their associated storage)
is a basic entity; the concept of an account associated with an email address
only comes into the billing system.  Moving a machine between two accounts
really just means "tell the billing system that the machine's usage should be
billed to a different account".

Colin Percival
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