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Re: Tarsnap hangs for 8-9 minutes after restoring one file

Colin Percival <cperciva@tarsnap.com> wrote:

> Whoops, I replied to Tim directly a few days ago because I didn't realize
> that his question had gone out to the mailing list...

Ah! I thought the lack of responses unusual!

> For the record, this is almost exactly the answer I gave. :-)
> The one thing I'd add is that the -q option will exit as soon as *at least
> one* archive entry has been extracted matching each pattern listed on the
> command line, so it's almost certainly not what you want if you're using
> wildcards.

:-) Funnily / weirdly enough, I just logged in to add something similar..
"Eating my own dogfood" (more or less) I just determined that just specifying
a directory doesn't restore files within that directory - just the empty
directory itself. Same principle I suppose as rhis is basically just a
wildcard operation with an implied wildcard character!