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Re: Question about mitigating large storage costs in case of ransomware

Here's a strategy I use, although I wasn't thinking of ransomware at the time.

I have a script which first does a 'tarsnap --dry-run', and parses the summary output from that.  It checks the 'Total Size' and 'Compressed Size' of the new data, and will skip making a real-backup if that size seems unreasonable.  Think about this for a second:  If you are hit by ransomware, then you probably don't want to upload *any* of that encrypted data to tarsnap's servers.

If the update-size seems reasonable, then I go ahead and create a real update.  Note that I also break up my backup into multiple separate tarsnap archives.  So, for instance, it might be reasonable for my "Documents" backup to have a lot of new data in it, but it would be extremely suspicious if the backup of all my svn repositories had a huge amount of new data.

What I have is even more convoluted than what I've described, and I'm pretty sure that my scripts wouldn't be useful for others.  But that's the direction I would consider if I were you.

  Garance Alistair Drosehn   =  gadcode@earthlink.net
  Senior Systems Programmer  or       gad@FreeBSD.org

> On Jul 12, 2017, at 9:36 AM, Rob Hoelz <rob@hoelz.ro> wrote:
> Hello fellow tarsnap users!
> I just started using tarsnap, and I was wondering if there exists an
> option (or the potential interest in developing an option) to put a cap
> on an archive size.  The reason I ask is on the off chance another
> tarsnap user or I gets bitten by ransomware and it encrypts their /home
> directory, I would expect the archive size for an automated backup to
> really balloon in size (seeing as it's kind of hard to deduplicate and
> compress random data!), and it would be nice to avoid burning through
> one's account balance to add insult to injury.  Not that I intend on
> getting bitten by ransomware, but you never know!
> The closest thing I could find is the --maxbw option; is there a
> corresponding option for archive size that I'm not seeing on the
> manpage?
> Thanks,
> Rob