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Re: question about creation of archives

On 07/16/18 10:00, Albert Cardona wrote:
> In invoking the command:
> $ /usr/bin/tarsnap -c --configfile ~/.tarsnaprc -f backup-`date
> +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S` --totals --dry-run /home/albert
> ... I am greeted with:
> tarsnap: Warning: Archive contains no files
> The /home/albert directory is certainly not empty.
> The ~/.tarsnaprc contains a number of include directories like:
> include /home/albert/lab/manuscripts
> include /home/albert/lab/grants

The 'include' directive is kind of broken.  Or rather, it works,
but the situations where it's useful are so rare that it confuses
people more than it helps them.

My recommendation: Remove the 'include' directives from .tarsnaprc
and change your command line to

/usr/bin/tarsnap -c --configfile ~/.tarsnaprc -f backup-`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S`
--totals --dry-run /home/albert/lab/manuscripts /home/albert/lab/grants

Colin Percival
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