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Re: tarsnap on Windows Server 2012 R2

On 07/22/18 01:05, Paul Takemura wrote:
> tarsnap-keygen seems to work fine too (exit code is 0).
> Unfortunately, tarsnap seems to hang when using the -c option. I see that data
> has been written to the cache directory, but that may only be the metadata, I
> don't know.

Can you show me a listing of that directory?

> Does anyone have experience using tarsnap on Windows Server R2 and Cygwin?
> Here is an example invocation of tarsnap that hangs:
> Administrator@ab-1 ~
> $ tarsnap -c --dry-run -v -C /home/Administrator/ -f ab-1-1807221600 paultemp

Interesting.  Can you try an earlier version of tarsnap in case we broke

The most common cause for "tarsnap-keygen works but tarsnap doesn't" is
network MTU issues -- but that (a) shouldn't be a problem on cloud systems,
and (b) should eventually produce errors with tarsnap can't communicate with
the server.  Simply *hanging* is not a symptom I've heard about before.

Colin Percival
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