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Re: Partial file, .part, not present during failed large upload due to negative funds

On 9/2/18 12:18 PM, Justin H Haynes wrote:
> I ran into a problem after I ran out of funds in my account, and the backup
> stopped.

Hmm, that's odd.  Did you see an error message to that effect, or are you
just assuming that was the cause?  Running out of funds shouldn't normally
result in an archive being interrupted.

> Did I lose my backup in progress, or can I continue the backup and know that
> the first archive will appear without having to re-upload all the files?

If you start creating another archive, the first archive should appear as a
partial archive.  This hasn't happened yet because the tarsnap server doesn't
know that the client died -- for all it knows the client might just be busy
chewing on duplicate data and not need to upload anything yet.

> Today, I added 100 to the account so that the balance would be over 92
> dollars.  The last daily storage charge was for 184245293378 bytes (just under
> 184 GB) of storage.  Based on my .tarsnaprc file which has "checkpoint-bytes
> 1G” defined, I would expect to find a .part file totaling 183GB.  However, I
> don’t find anything when I run the following command:
> $ pwd
> /usr/home/justin
> $ id
> uid=1001(justin) gid=1001(justin) groups=1001(justin),0(wheel)
> $ tarsnap -vv --list-archives

Right, the .part archive is only created when it becomes apparent that a
previous archive failed.  In fact, it's created by the client, using
checkpoint data stored in the tarsnap cache directory -- what do you have
in /home/justin/tarsnap-cache ?

Colin Percival
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