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Re: Compiling on OpenBSD

On 03/28/11 16:16, James Turner wrote:
> Attached is a diff of the changes I needed to make in order to get
> kivaloo to compile on OpenBSD and install in my homedir. It would seem
> OpenBSD doesn't need -lrt.

Does OpenBSD object to it, or is -lrt merely unnecessary?  FreeBSD doesn't
need it either, but POSIX and Linux require it, and it should be harmless.

> Also I had to remove $$$$_ from the ends of the tmp filenames since on
> $$$$_ would be different for each step, meaning the binary saved had a
> different number at the end then what was then used to copy it over.
> Also, I switched the chmod and strip command around since I got permission
> denied errors when strip ran. The current order may be fine when ran as
> root but installing as a normal user in my homedir the binaries had to
> have write permission in order for me to strip them.

Oops.  I'll fix those and roll a new tarball.

Colin Percival
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