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Typo in paper defining scrypt


I have found a typo in the paper defining scrypt,
Stronger key derivation via sequential memory-hard functions

In section 7, the algorithm defining MFcrypt starts in
  Algorithm MFcrypt_{H, MF}(P, S,N, p, dkLen)
but that should be
  Algorithm MFcrypt_{PRF, MF}(P, S,N, p, dkLen)

Other typographical suggestions:

The list of parameters just below the abovecould be
reformatted so that it contains just the two parameters
apparent in the notation MFcrypt_{PRF, MF}

MFLen could be changed to mfLen for consistency with dkLen
(6 occurrences)

hLen could be changed to prfLen for consistency with mfLen
and dkLen (3 occurrences).

  Algorithm MFcrypt_{PRF, MF}(P, S,N, p, dkLen)
    PRF      A pseudorandom function, producing output of
             length prfLen, in octets.
    MF       A sequential memory-hard function (..), that
             is mixing blocks of length mfLen, in octets.

In appendix B, an extra test vector with a wider dkLen
could be useful.

  Francois Grieu