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Re: scrypt encryption utility - choice of IV/nonce (and command line interface)

On 11/23/12 13:16, Derek (Tarsnap) wrote:
> I'd like to understand why a constant (0) was chosen for the nonce for AES CTR
> mode.  I understand that since the key we're using has an extremely low chance
> of ever being used twice (due to pre-salting), and that the output of AES CTR is
> key-dependant, it would not really be a problem.

Right, there's a 256-bit salt used in computing the key, so even if you generate
2^64 messages, you have a probability of only 2^(-128) of having the AES key
repeat (even if you're using the same passphrase); and repeating the same nonce
value is harmless if you're using different keys.

> Would there be any harm in using say, the first 8 bytes of the header HMAC, or
> the last 8-bytes of the derived key, instead of a constant?

Unnecessary complexity.  And if you really wanted a random nonce value, you'd be
better off taking it as additional output from the scrypt KDF.

> Any interest in a patch for this?

Additional complexity and a change in file format without any improvement in the
security?  No thanks. ;-)

> A side note, I'd like to make the utility a little more command-line friendly,
> especially respect with pipes.  Any interest in seeing a patch that has "-" as a
> valid infile, and perhaps -k keyfile for specifying a file containing the password?

These sound fine to me, assuming good quality patches.

Colin Percival
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