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Re: Scrypt code repository?

On 02/27/14 10:40, Dāvis Mosāns wrote:
> I was looking for official Scrypt reference implementation's code repository,
> but couldn't find, seems there isn't any? That's awful, this is 2014 year and
> source control (SCM/VCS) is a MUST have. It's unbelievable that people just work
> with tarballs without any history/changelog and such. It doesn't matter which
> you use, but it must be available, otherwise I don't feel like contributing at
> all, because sending patches over email is too much last century.
> I would suggest using Git, but any other would be fine too like Mercurial,
> Bazaar or even Subversion. Also I would suggest using GitHub for code hosting,
> but Bitbucket or Gitorious would also be fine, or you might host it yourself on
> your own server.


Colin Percival
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