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Re: Small fixes for compiling on Windows

could this be merged, or is there something that needs to be changed?

2014-03-01 16:35 GMT+02:00 Dāvis Mosāns <davispuh@gmail.com>:
I also added build script for compiling on Windows with MinGW using GCC

2014-03-01 2:44 GMT+02:00 Dāvis Mosāns <davispuh@gmail.com>:

I fixed these files so they can be compiled on Windows
  • crypto_scrypt-nosse.c
  • crypto_scrypt-sse.c
  • memlimit.c

Changes are very minor, but required for win and works for both x86 and x64

Could you merge? Last 2 commits:

  • Don't include `sys/mman.h` when compiling for Windows
  • Windows processes doesn't have such `rlimit` Any process can allocate all available memory