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Re: OS support for scrypt

On Fri, Aug 08, 2014 at 08:58:28PM +0000, Nicolai wrote:
> I'm trying to find out what (base) operating systems ship with any kind
> of scrypt support.  What's out there?


> The Owl Linux website [2] is rather sparse on details.

Owl uses bcrypt at cost 2^8 for password hashing.

> So what's out there?  Anything at all?

I think only Chrome OS / Chromium OS sort of fits your question.

I think scrypt is a crucial step forward in password hashing scheme and
KDF design, but it's not such a great fit for password hashing (it's a
better fit as a KDF).  I think currently bcrypt is still appropriate to
use for password hashing (although it has become a rather short-term
recommendation), and then one of the schemes submitted to PHC should be
used (although there are also some that are unsuitable or that I dislike).