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Re: identical input, different output?

On 12/03/14 20:58, Maarten Billemont wrote:
> crypto_scrypt( (const uint8_t *)masterPassword, strlen(masterPassword), (const
> uint8_t *)masterKeySalt, masterKeySaltLength, MP_N,     MP_r, MP_p, masterKey,
> MP_dkLen )
> Where:
> - masterPassword is a C-string read from a file (file was not touched during
> these tests)
> - masterKeySalt is determined based on external factors (was logged as
> constant during these tests)
> - MP_N, MP_r, MP_p, MP_dkLen are constants defined as 32768, 8, 2 and 64
> respectively.
> This function always produces identical output, with the sole exception of a
> single instance I've seen where it produced different output.

Which version of the scrypt code are you using?  If you're using the SSE2
version, are you sure that you're running on an SSE2-enabled CPU?

Colin Percival
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