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Re: Can someone help me estimate the costs of doing this?

Maybe not important, but I forgot to mention that I ask scrypt to produce
200 bytes of data. (Hopefully large enough for most hashing purposes. See
next separate question.)

> On my computer, running scrypt (N: 2^14, r: 8, p: 4) on the string
> "00x00x00x00x00x00" with the salt "abc" takes on average 0.12 seconds.
> Do you know what kind of hardware would be needed to make this a thousand
> times, or ten thousand times, more efficient? (So that it would take
> 0.12/1000 or 0.12/10000 seconds.)
> How expensive hardware are we talking about? Millions of dollars, or
> less?
> Just looking for rough estimates.