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Re: scrypt: Decrypting file would require too much memory

Hello Christoph,

> I tried to play around with the -m and -M options, but no matter how much
> memory I grant scrypt, the error persists. This is scrypt-1.1.6 on an OpenBSD
> 5.7 system. Now, the same file decrypts fine on an Ubuntu Linux System with
> scrypt 1.1.6., so I can get to the data, no problem. The file is very small,
> just a 100 lines of test, if that. 

I believe OpenBSD ships with strict limits on memory that a process can allocate, perhaps you’re bumping into them?

You can check amount of memory allowed with:

$ ulimit -d

(the output is in kilobytes)

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with OpenBSD enough to know how to reconfigure the limits, but I think it’s done in /etc/login.conf:


Dmitry Chestnykh
Coding Robots

(Resending this to list as well)