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Re: nsdispatch errors on security/spiped when mdns lookups are enabled

On Wed, 9 Nov 2016, at 20:49, Colin Percival wrote:
> Hmm.  The IP addresses should be parsed internally, so I have to assume
> that the errors are coming from resolving the c1.skunkwerks.at hostname.
> As an experiment, can you try changing that (say, to an IP address which
> you've resolved ahead of time) to see if the errors go away?  If yes,
> then
> the problem is coming from the standard getaddrinfo(3) call.
> > On a vanilla 11.0 however I see nsdispatch errors also from ntpd and pkg
> > so I think we can safely assume spiped is not the issue here. Sorry for
> > the noise.
> Even if spiped isn't at fault, it would be nice to find out what is going
> wrong. :-)

So I found what the issue is; I am installing packages which have
mdns-related dependencies. As a result pkg is removing the working 
mDNSResponder_nss package at the same time, to install net/howl which
doesn't have, or doesn't work with, nsswitch.conf.

The result is that there's no nss library available anymore to resolve
and therefore the error appears.

Simple, in the end.