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Re: spiped max qlen being hit

On Fri, 23 Dec 2016, at 04:51, Colin Percival wrote:
On Tue, 20 Dec 2016, at 16:40, Dave Cottlehuber wrote:
> hi spipers,
> I'm in the middle of a migration from Debian to FreeBSD, including
> replacing autossh with spiped.
> I've been using spiped for about ~ 6 months now with great success, its
> proved more stable and resilient to transient network failure than
> autossh. I've been using it mainly for monitoring events and security
> log shipping - longterm stable connections.
> However as I switched the main database servers over, connections
> started to fail & in the end, I had to switch back to autossh. It's been
> stable since then, but I'd prefer to use the right tool for the job
> here, to avoid the stability issues we had in the past.
> I've got a gist with more details and readable markdown, [1] but the
> guts are here:
> Once I switch more & more hosts over to the spiped tunnel to the DB, I
> start seeing listen queue overflows on the spiped server process, then
> shortly afterwards rate limiting & finally pf states blow-out.

Just to ensure this tale ended up  as a success story, after increasing
connections it runs silky smooth. I've watched autossh continue to have
hiccups during this time, and spiped has accommodated all but the most
ungracious of networks -- I even used it to bypass a network failure in
of our cloud providers successfully.

Thanks Colin!