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Incomplete DMARC mangling on the list (was: Re: The spiped Docker image)

Hi List,

Am 09.04.20 um 21:38 schrieb Vijay Kumar via spiped:
> Is the https://hub.docker.com/_/spiped   ; a legitimate Docker image of this spiped project?I didn't see any mention of this Docker image on the https://www.tarsnap.com/index.html    ; website. 

I noticed that the 'From' of Vijay's email was mangled by the list in
response to, what I assume, DMARC records on the sending domain. However
the DKIM-Signature was not stripped and fails to validate (because of
the mangled 'From'):

> Authentication-Results: chrono.xqk7.com;
> 	dkim=fail reason="signature verification failed" (2048-bit key; unprotected) header.d=yahoo.com header.i=@yahoo.com header.b="q8zkdFPX";
> 	dkim-atps=neutral

I assume that this is not intended behavior.

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus