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new tarsnap code -- please test

Hash: SHA1

Hi Tarsnap alphatesters,

I have uploaded some new tarsnap client code to
with SHA256 hash

This code contains a lot of subtle "behind the scenes" changes, so I'd
especially like to have people download, build, and test this code (and
report any problems).

Substantive changes in this code compared to tarsnap 1.0.33 include:

* Tarsnap will now attempt to connect using both IPv4 and IPv6.

* A large amount of functionality has been moved to my "libcperciva"
library, which is open source code shared with spiped, kivaloo, and

* Tarsnap no longer supports platforms without the getaddrinfo library
function -- I can add this back if necessary but I don't think there are
any recent systems which lack this.

* A bug causing tarsnap to fail immediately on platforms with mandatory
struct alignment (e.g., ARM OABI) is fixed.

* A bug causing tarsnap to crash when reading certain corrupt key files
on 64-bit platforms is fixed.

* Tarsnap now restores terminal settings (i.e., re-enables terminal echo)
if killed with ^C while reading a password or passphrase.

The "scariest" change here is the libcperciva integration -- it's needed
to make a lot of things possible (both IP dual-stack support, and future
performance improvements) but tarsnap's non-blocking networking system
does things rather differently from libcperciva's non-blocking networking
system, so there's some rather ugly code in place to get them talking to
each other.

I don't know when I'll put this code out as an official release -- I don't
want to do that until some more people have tested it.  So please, even if
you don't normally test tarsnap pre-releases, try this one out and let me
know if you run into any problems.  Even just build testing is useful -- I
have already fixed one build bug which was introduced by the libcperciva

I'm particularly eager to hear about results from IPv6 systems (dual stack
or IPv6-only), since the utter failure which is Canadian ISPs means that
it's difficult for me to test IPv6 myself.

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Colin Percival
Security Officer Emeritus, FreeBSD | The power to serve
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