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Tarsnap CGI scripts moved to new website

Hi all,

Tarsnap's CGI scripts -- most importantly, the account management interface
which allows you to view your tarsnap usage, change your password, and add
more funds to your account -- have moved from their old home on beta.tarsnap.com
to the new website at www.tarsnap.com.  I'll be making beta.tarsnap.com redirect
to www.tarsnap.com shortly.

I think everything is set up properly on the new site, but it's always possible
that I've missed something; so please let me know if you encounter something
which is broken, or a link to beta.tarsnap.com which should be pointing at
www.tarsnap.com instead.

Colin Percival
Security Officer, FreeBSD | freebsd.org | The power to serve
Founder / author, Tarsnap | tarsnap.com | Online backups for the truly paranoid