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Tarsnap 1.0.27

Hi all,

Tarsnap 1.0.27 is now available.  This new version improves upon version 1.0.26
of the Tarsnap client code by
* supporting multiple '-f <archive>' options to 'tarsnap -d' and 'tarsnap
* allowing 'tarsnap -c --dry-run' to run without any '-f <archive>' option,
* not recursing into synthetic filesystems (by default),
* allowing 'tarsnap --fsck' to be run to rebuild the Tarsnap cache directory
without needing the delete key,
* adding a 'tarsnap --recover' command to recover a checkpointed archive (such
archives will continue to be automatically recovered when 'tarsnap -c' or
'tarsnap -d' are run),
* adding a '--configfile <file>' option and a '--no-default-config' option to
allow extra configuration files to be used and the default configuration files
to be ignored,
and several more minor changes.

There is also an important change which may require configuration changes on
systems using Tarsnap: When expanding ~ in configuration options or when looking
for the ~/.tarsnaprc configuration file, Tarsnap now uses the current user's
home directory, not the $HOME environment variable.  This is most likely to
affect people using sudo(8), since it leaves the $HOME environment variable

The new release is available from the usual location:

Colin Percival
Security Officer, FreeBSD | freebsd.org | The power to serve
Founder / author, Tarsnap | tarsnap.com | Online backups for the truly paranoid