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Tarsnap is becoming Tarsnap Backup Inc.

Hi all,

For the past three years I've been running Tarsnap as a sole proprietorship;
legally speaking Tarsnap had no existence separate from myself.  This is now
changing: A few weeks ago I incorporated Tarsnap Backup Inc. as a corporation
in British Columbia, and starting at midnight tonight, Tarsnap will be operated
by the corporation rather than by me personally.

That said, I am the only shareholder, director, officer, and employee of the
corporation, so for practical purposes very little has changed.  I'll still
be replying to emails, keeping the service running, and writing code.

In fact, the only change I expect people to see is that when you add money to
your Tarsnap account, Paypal will tell you that you're making a payment to
Tarsnap Backup Inc. instead of to Colin Percival.  Everything else is behind
the scenes paperwork (and there's a heck of a lot of it).

Why am I doing this now?  It's likely to save me a few dollars on income taxes,
which is always nice, but the main reason is that it should simplify paperwork
required for dealing with Canadian sales taxes -- which means that sometime in
the near future it should be possible for Canadians to use Tarsnap.

In case anyone is worried: No, this is not a prelude to me selling Tarsnap,
raising venture capital, or anything else like that.  I'm here for the long
haul to build a service I can be proud of.

Colin Percival
Security Officer, FreeBSD | freebsd.org | The power to serve
Founder / author, Tarsnap | tarsnap.com | Online backups for the truly paranoid