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Tarsnap 1.0.37, Debian, and Tarsnap GUI

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Hi all,

I have three related Tarsnap announcements: A new release, Debian source
packages, and the Tarsnap GUI.

First the new release: Tarsnap 1.0.37 is now available.  This version brings
the following substantive changes compared to tarsnap 1.0.36:

 * tarsnap-key(gen|mgmt|regen) now accept a --passphrase-time option,
which specifies the duration to be spent on computing the derived keys
used for encrypting the tarsnap key file.

 * tarsnap now accepts a --keep-going option when deleting or printing
statistics about multiple archives.

 * tarsnap-keymgmt now accepts a --print-key-permissions option for
listing the permissions contained in a key file.

 * tarsnap --print-stats now accepts a --csv-file option for printing
statistics in comma-separated-value format.

 * tarsnap now accepts a --verify-config command which exits silently
after checking the configuration file(s) for syntax errors.

 * tarsnap now looks for a server named "v1-0-0-server.tarsnap.com"
instead of the historic "betatest-server.tarsnap.com" hostname.  This
should have no user-visible effect in most configurations.

 * tarsnap now correctly warns if a sparse extract fails due to hardlinks.

 * tarsnap now prints a warning if creating an empty archive.

As usual, there are also many minor build fixes, harmless bug fixes, and code
refactoring / cleanup changes.  For a full listing of changes, consult the
tarsnap git repository: https://github.com/Tarsnap/tarsnap

The new release is available from the usual location:

Second, we are now publishing a Debian repository with a source package; this
is the first step towards providing Debian binary packages and then binary
packages for other operating systems.

To use this, follow the "Debian - Users" instructions on
This repository currently uses the same Tarsnap source code signing key as
the release tarballs, but that may change to a Debian-specific signing key
in the future.

Third, version 0.8 of the Tarsnap GUI was released in January, and we're
hoping it will reach version 1.0 this summer.  Obviously the GUI should be
considered "beta" for now, but I'd encourage anyone who would like to use the
GUI eventually to try it out soon and report any problems you find; I know
there are a lot of people who have been looking forward to having a GUI for
tarsnap, so now's your chance to make sure that it does everything you want
it to do.  For more details, see the Tarsnap GUI v0.8 announcement (which was
originally posted to the tarsnap-users mailing list):

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Colin Percival
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