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Change to Tarsnap Terms and Conditions

Hi everyone,

We just made two changes to the Tarsnap Terms and Conditions.  Most of you
won't care but companies subject to the EU GDPR may want to read on.

1. A new paragraph 15 has been added:

> 15. If you are subject to the GDPR, then this agreement incorporates
> the Tarsnap Data Processing Agreement.

which links to https://www.tarsnap.com/legal-dpa.html .  This formalizes
what Tarsnap has already done for over a decade in a way which will
hopefully keep lawyers happy.

2. In paragraph 5 ("I may provide information concerning your account and
your use of the service...") we have replaced the bullet point "It is
requested by law enforcement authorities" with "It is necessary in order
to comply with legal obligations".

When I started Tarsnap in 2006, it seemed sensible to have a general "I
can help out the police even if they haven't done the paperwork for getting
a warrant from a Canadian court" but given revelations about widespread
state surveillance that clause has been feeling anachronistic for a while
so since we were adding the GDPR thing I wanted to clean it up at the same

As always, I'm happy to answer any questions which anyone has about this.

Colin Percival
Security Officer Emeritus, FreeBSD | The power to serve
Founder, Tarsnap | www.tarsnap.com | Online backups for the truly paranoid

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