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Re: fastest/least bandwidth selective archive removal methods?

On Aug 3, 2020, at 6:15 AM, hvjunk <hvjunk@gmail.com> wrote:

Good day,

Wanting to clean selective old archives (ie. drop the dailies older than a month, drop the weeklies older than 6months, drop the monthlies older than 18months, drop the yearlies older than 5years ).

Question: should I delete them one by one, or  cheaper/beter/more-efficient to bundle them all together in batches?

The documentation recommends batches: 

I've got a fairly simple shell script for daily, weekly, and monthly pruning: 

It does batches; it may or may not be helpful. 

And if in batches: Does tarsnap recover gracefully from connectivity failures while in the process of deletion? Asking as, being >250ms away from the AWS region/zone, I’ve noticed a “hang” on one of my mass deletions, and not sure whether it was busy, or actually stuck and retrying


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