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Re: Planning for Emergency restore

On Sun, 04 Apr 2021 10:37:47 -0700, jerry wrote:
>     I just tried printing the key on paper.  I scanned the paper with
> my Fujitsu scansnap at max resolution.  Then converted the resulting
> PDF to a jpg with ImageMagick.  Then OCR'd it with tesseract.   No
> joy.  OCR is just not good enough.
> Letters "l" get changed to numbers "1", extra letters appear here & 
> there.... Just not gonna work.

For that matter, and depending on how paranoid you are, some printers
keep copies of documents they've printed (or at least don't securely
delete them from their internal hard drive.)

I encrypted mine with GPG, printed that, and wrote the passphrase on
the paper. But... I never did try an OCR + restore.

My suggestion would be giving thumb drives (or CDs, or whatever) to
multiple friends with the encrypted read-only key + the passphrase
written on a slip of paper. You could include instructions, but
most likely *you* are the one who would be using the information.

 - Tim