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Re: Speeding up slooooowwww extractions

On 26 May 2021, at 22:19, hvjunk <hvjunk@gmail.com> wrote:

--fast-read also not the next issue… but yeah, looks like that latency is the killer for my use case ;(

I don’t think latency is the issue:  I’m pretty sure tarsnap is just always slow.  It’s a real Achilles-heel of tarsnap, and I’m kind of shocked it’s gone unaddressed so long.  (Incidentally, I wrote redsnapper as a way of migrating our data out of tarsnap because tarsnap was so slow, but then once I had redsnapper, for our use case, it was mostly tenable.)

The truth is though that most de-duplicating backup solutions are also pretty slow to restore.  We also just started keeping a single block-level snapshot of our data around to recover quickly in the case of catastrophes.