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Getting rid of cruft... without the keyfile.

I've created ansible tooling for deploying Tarsnap on my managed servers, including generating a keyfile and automatically placing it on the server.

In the process of developing and testing this I created a few dozen archives and a half-dozen tarsnap keys, which were used on test servers.

Now I've got the ansible code developed, and tarsnap is backing up my first production server. Yaaaay!

But now I've got all this cruft (presumably) in my tarsnap account costing me picodollars each month. (Ie backups for testserver-004.example.com.

I deleted these test/sample keys from my key management software, and then realized I have no way of deleting these archives from Tarsnap.

Like I said, they're not taking up much room, but I'd still like to nuke them. Is there a way to do so?

Thanks very much!


John Mark Schofield