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Tarsnap GUI v0.7 released

Greetings from the Tarsnap pit,

Tarsnap GUI version 0.7 is out:

Full change log brought forward by this release:

This release continues on the track already paved by the previous v0.6 release,
adds a bunch of new features like desktop notifications, skip files and the
ability grab the Tarsnap credit from the website, as well as numerous other
improvements, fixes and adjustments on the whole.

I'd like to get some attention and discussion towards a couple outstanding
topics next:

1. First and foremost, the caveat. Direct paste from the changelog:
Some internally used settings keys have been renamed for consistency and upon
upgrading from an older version the setup wizard dialog will pop up. Follow the
prompts and select "Yes" when asked if you have used Tarsnap on this machine in
the past and have a key. Select the previous key if available in the dropdown
list or locate it manually and proceed. You jobs and settings should remain
As you'll probably notice, this one is less of an annoyance than the previous
one, since now the code is smart enough to version the local DB and upgrade it
automagically when you update to a new version. Further app updates should be
no more of a hindrance than this, which is more or less the simplest upgrade
mechanism only requiring confirmation of important prompts.

2. I've added desktop notifications. The notifications are being displayed for
both normal and headless modes. They are enabled by default and can be
disabled in Settings. Messages are being displayed for backup fail, completed
with GUI and extra backup started for headless mode. The minimal useful subset.
Some desktops have a persistent notification/message center like OS X and
Windows 10, as opposed to simple tray messages. The persistent notifications
are really useful since it allows to review backups done in scheduled headless.

3. You can now easily work with multiple configurations on the same machine
by forcing the INI style settings in the setup wizard advanced page and the
--appdata command option. They are useful to me, hope they will do so for
you too.

5. You can see the credit left on Tarsnap right in the settings page. This will
initiate a HTTPS GET request for the activity CSV with your credentials. The
password is not stored beyond that instance for safety reasons, thus the manual
aspect of this. The longer term plan is to fetch both account and machine
activity and display in app. I have some draft code for that, this will be
completed once I have supporting help from the client tools. This will likely
happen in a subsequent release.
Keep in mind that the Tarsnap credit is only updated once per day at 00:00 AM
UTC on the remote, Colin correct me if I'm wrong, so don't expect your actions
in the app to be mirrored live into credit left.

4. The app looks gorgeous on high res displays. I'm testing this on a 40" 4k
display and the amount of archives I can see in a single screen is incredible.
See for yourself: http://i.imgur.com/4SwM81y.png ;-)

4. Some major code refactoring and cleanups have been accomplished. The code
is leaner, faster and better looking. Part of this was accomplished by adopting
some C++11 techniques. This trend will most likely continue for the next two
point releases until I'm satisfied.

This release is our best offering to date and thus I strongly encourage
everyone to upgrade and follow back with feedback be it either good or bad.
I'm welcome to new ideas or Tarsnap options coverage requests.