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Re: Nuking zombie/retired servers

On 04/08/17 10:28, Victor Boctor wrote:
> Looking at our tarsnap activity for all servers, we have a set of old
> servers that have been retired now for a while.  We are being charged
> storage for them, but obviously no bandwidth.  What is the easiest way to
> nuke archives for such servers?  We may have the keys for some of such
> servers, but not sure all of them.

For machines you have the keys for:
# tarsnap --nuke --keyfile /path/to/machine/keys

If you've lost the keys to a machine, send me an email off-list and I can
nuke them for you.

> For the ones we have the keys for, is it possible to run the command to
> nuke their storage for an active server, without nuking the data of the
> server?  Or do we run this from an Mac/Ubuntu client machine?

I'm not sure what this means.  Running `tarsnap --nuke` with a particular
set of keys will delete all the data associated with those keys; it doesn't
matter what system uploaded the data in the first place.

Colin Percival
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