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Re: Abort trap?


On 26. 07. 2017 12:38, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> So, I had one instance of this during last night's backups:
> backupsnap-zfs.sh[18449]: Assertion failed: ((ccr->mtime >= 0) &&
> ((uintmax_t)ccr->mtime <= UINT64_MAX)), function callback_write_rec,
> file tar/ccache/ccache_write.c, line 75.
> Abort trap

I've never seen this with tarsnap, but I used to regularly see warnings
about files with negative mtimes with Duplicity [1] (on Linux, ext4).

It's not necessarily something wrong with your zfs. It's probably just
some files copied over from a different filesystem with broken metadata.
The bug report below suggests files copied from Samba shares.

By the way, "touch -t 190001010000 foo" will happily create a file with
a negative mtime (at least on Linux, ext4).

Best regards

[1] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=246990

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