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Re: Abort trap?

On 07/26/17 03:37, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> So, I had one instance of this during last night's backups:
> backupsnap-zfs.sh[18449]: Assertion failed: ((ccr->mtime >= 0) &&
> ((uintmax_t)ccr->mtime <= UINT64_MAX)), function callback_write_rec,
> file tar/ccache/ccache_write.c, line 75.
> Abort trap
> This was just after updating to 1.0.38.  Everything else went as normal
> -- just the one zfs out of about a dozen that I'm backing up.
> What does this mean?  Problems with the filesystem?

It means that tarsnap archived a file which was (allegedly) most recently
modified before January 1st 1970.  Why you have such a file is an open
question, but it seems that these are more common than I expected; you're
not the first person to trip over this (the assertion is new in 1.0.38).

This has been fixed in git and we'll be rolling 1.0.39 soon.  In the mean
time, don't worry too much -- this assertion occurs after the archive is
stored, during the process of writing out tarsnap's 'chunkification cache',
so (aside from the abort itself being annoying) the only impact is that
tarsnap will run somewhat more slowly since it will need to read more data
from disk on subsequent archivals.

Colin Percival
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