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Tarsnap GUI v1.0 stable - "The Chosen One"

Hi all,

I've got fresh news from the Tarsnap pit, we have been hard at work for the
past year, since the v0.9 beta release to forge Tarsnap GUI version 1.0 and now
here it is, freshly minted, properly baked and out of the oven. Be careful
though, it's hot. :-)

We took our time on this one since this version is the first non-beta
stable release, and we wanted to make sure we bring you the most robust,
feature rich and lean GUI that can be built on top of the CLI so far.

There's been many improvements, fixes and features added to mention them all
here, so I'm going to point you to the current CHANGELOG.


Some of the notable additions are:
* Automatic Job backup scheduling enable/disable. Works using Launchd service
on macOS and crond on *nix. Daily, Weekly and Monthly per job backup schedule
available. For more on this please read:
* The app has full I18N support and sports full translation to other languages.
Only one extra language is available for the moment, my native one, Romanian.:)
If you'd like to offer a translation to your lang please get in touch with us
and we'll provide the support and tooling necessary to do so.
* Added the ability to search/filter in the Archive and Job lists. Also in the
Archive contents.
* Archive contents now displays the long ls listing format with sortable
* You can run concurrent restore operations now.
* Much simplified Setup Wizard, Settings and Help panes.
* Ability to save Console Log output to file.

Many more improvements, code refactoring, fixes and overall adjustments on
speed, resource usage, reliability, usability&accessibility and error
management & reporting went to this release, with a commit count ranging
towards 600 since last release.

You can find the new code at Github:

Upgrading to or installing this version is as easy as:

* On macOS you should use "brew update && brew upgrade tarsnap-gui" or
"brew install tarsnap-gui" if you haven't so already.
* For all other source builds, all you need to do is pull latest changes from
Github, checkout v1.0. See INSTALL dist file for more detailed instructions.

In my testing there are no issues or caveats when upgrading from v0.9 to v1.0.
As always, if you find any bugs, issues or problems with the app upgrade
mechanism please forward them here or use the Github project page.

If you're a GUI user please take a few minutes to upgrade to v1.0 stable and
let us know what you think.