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Tarsnap GUI shows 0 data archived or backed up

I started with Tarsnap yesterday (with GUI; using brew on OSX).

I added a backup which included my Dropbox folder and then another back
(in the form of a job) that included the same Dropbox folder and some
other folders and they were supposed to be backed up weekly.

I clicked backup now for both - the job and the backup - and left it
running overnight. In the morning I noticed 0 backup and archived for the
job and for the backup I didn't see any change. It was showing same file
count and size of the folder as it was showing right at the moment when I
had created the backup. Screenshots: https://cl.ly/m4cF and
https://cl.ly/m4Qg. These were taken at least after 7-8 hrs of starting
the backup.

Then immediately after taking the screenshots I checked my account online
and it did show data transfer and usage (and corresponding deduction from
my prepaid account as it should).

So how can I see that information reflected in my client too?

Also, I see 0 archives. I am wondering why no archives were created.
Because when I created a backup it goes to "Backup" tab and when I create
a job it goes to "Jobs" tab. Nothing ever shows up in "Archives". Neither
did anything show up in the task's Archive tab in the morning.

I had followed a combination of
http://shinnok.com/rants/2016/02/19/using-tarsnap-gui-on-os-x/ and Getting
Started on tarsnap.com.