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Re: Tarsnap GUI shows 0 data archived or backed up

On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 06:55:54AM -0000, amar@sdf.org wrote:
> Also, I see 0 archives. I am wondering why no archives were created.
> Because when I created a backup it goes to "Backup" tab and when I create
> a job it goes to "Jobs" tab. Nothing ever shows up in "Archives". Neither
> did anything show up in the task's Archive tab in the morning.
> I had followed a combination of
> http://shinnok.com/rants/2016/02/19/using-tarsnap-gui-on-os-x/ and Getting
> Started on tarsnap.com.

I'm sorry that this isn't working well.  Let's find out where your data is.  I
suggest using the command-line interface for this, since it's easier to give
command via email.

The first question is "how many key files do you have?":
- in "Getting Started", did you create a key by running tarnsap-keygen ?
  (that's step 5. Register the machine(s) on which you will be using Tarsnap)
- in the GUI setup wizard, did you use the "Create new keyfile" or "Use
  existing keyfile" option?  (note that unfortunately the docs on shinnok.com
  is 1.5 years old, so the screens don't match the current GUI)

If you have a single keyfile, we can see if there's any archives with:
  $ tarsnap --list-archives
(if you put it in /root/tarsnap.key, or else
  $ tarsnap --list-archives --keyfile ~/location/of/tarsnap.key --cachedir /tmp/temp-tarsnap-cacheidr

If you have two (or more) keyfiles, you can run the above command multiple
times, once for every keyfile.

Once we know where your data is, we can work on getting the GUI to recognize
it.  (I suspect that you might have multiple keyfiles, which would explain the
GUI's confusion.)

- Graham Percival