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Re: Multithreading support?

Hi Seth,

On 08/22/17 18:35, Seth P. Garrepy wrote:
> I am getting started with Tarsnap and had a general question about the
> development roadmap. I am liking Tarsnap so far, and I’m glad I found you
> all. I searched through the listserv archives, and didn’t see any reference
> to multithreading support. Are there any plans to parallelize tarsnap to
> improve performance on systems with lower clock rates but several logical
> cores? On my Haswell i3 FreeNAS box, it feels like tarsnap is stuck in 2nd
> gear!

I've considered taking steps to use multiple CPUs, but it has never seemed
that CPU power was likely to be much of a bottleneck compared to disk I/O
and networking.  Can you provide some more details about your usage pattern?
e.g., what sort of data are you archiving and how much of it changes between

Colin Percival
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