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Re: Tarsnap GUI on Mac stopped running scheduled job

When I ran “sudo launchctl list” I didn’t find anything in the output with “tarsnap” in its name.
But when I clicked on “Enable Job Scheduling” the pop said it’s already scheduled.

On 15 Jul 18, at 2:32 PM, Colin Percival <cperciva@tarsnap.com> wrote:

On 07/15/18 01:42, Amar wrote:
It worked flawlessly till June 14 and after that it just stopped running.
I opened it on July 8 and ran the backup manually - an archive was created successfully.
Checked the scheduled job and it was still in place.

When you say "scheduled job", do you mean in tarsnap-gui, or do you mean
the setting in launchd which runs tarsnap-gui periodically?

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