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Re: Tarsnap connection lost, not sure how to debug

On Thu, Apr 04, 2019 at 10:20:34PM -0400, Julian Lam wrote:
> Seems I'm running out of money on my account, so I wanted to go ahead and
> nuke what I had, except I'm unable to at this time:
> /usr/bin/tarsnap --key tarsnap.key --cachedir .tarsnap-cache --fsck
> tarsnap: Connection lost, waiting 30 seconds before reconnecting
> ^C

Hmm, has anything changed in your network setup?  Are you running this at
home, or at an office or university?

We have some info about network problems; please try the "debugging Tarsnap
network problems" since that might help narrow down the problem.

> --print-stats outputs:
> tarsnap: Error reading cache directory from /root/.tarsnap-cache

Are you running tarsnap as a normal user, or root?  Can you do:
    ls -l /root/.tarsnap-cache

- Graham