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Re: [ANN] scrypt command-line utility and library

> Would you considering switching to the encoding proposed here?
I would start by adding it as optional with a command-line switch. But i'm not convinced of it being the optimum default format.

- Password and salt length size restrictions
- Does not use the usual base64 algorithm but a traditional\historical one (But it seems only the two special characters differ) - Uses, and seems to redundantly prefix, the cryptic dollar sign for field delimiting

I like the idea of of offering base64 encoding for compatibilty reasons.

> Also, GPLv3+ is too strict to my taste, especially for library code
> like this.  I think the license should be no stricter than Colin's
> original (that is, 2-clause BSD).
For now i wouldn't want to go further than LGPL because i don't want to lose copyleft. Most parts of the sourcecode have other licenses anyway.