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small man page patch

Hello all,

Corrects 'Usr' typo, and adds paragraph break between the usage of -t
and the description of how limits are implemented.

--- scrypt-old.1        2013-08-13 15:44:44.007018429 -0400
+++ scrypt.1    2013-08-13 15:47:28.168334223 -0400
@@ -64,10 +64,11 @@
 .Ar maxmemfrac
 of the available RAM to compute the derived encryption key.
 .It Fl t Ar maxtime
-Usr at most
+Use at most
 .Ar maxtime
 seconds of CPU time to compute the derived encryption key.
 .Nm Cm enc ,
 the memory and CPU time limits are enforced by picking

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