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Re: Is it possible to forward unix sockets?

Yes I tried that...my local machine is behind NAT and it wouldn't be desirable any way to have a connection back to my machine. I have a process on my local machine that binds a socket that I need to forward to a remote machine, so decrypting on my local machine doesn't make sense - it needs to encrypt on my machine but that won't work as the source socket is already bound (obviously).

At the moment I have socat performing the unix domain functions and spiped doing network and encryption / decryption functions...I just wondered if it was possible without socat, which I don't think it is, unfortunately!


On 8 June 2017 at 00:04, Graham Percival <gperciva@tarsnap.com> wrote:
Yes, spiped is trying to bind the /tmp/blah socket, yet the file /tmp/blah
already exists.  Please delete that file, then run your spiped -e command, and
then run the other program which you want to send data to /tmp/blah.

(if that other program is also trying to bind /tmp/blah, then it probably needs
to be re-thought.  The "server" program is the one which binds the socket; the
"client" program merely connects to it.)

- Graham

On Wed, Jun 07, 2017 at 10:14:11PM +0800, JunglHilt wrote:
>    ok so I have the following :
>    A process which created a unix domain socket (/tmp/blah) on my local
>    machine that I want to send to a remote machine [1] and end
>    up as /tmp/blah  on which side has another process that wants to read
>    from the socket.
>    On the sending side I have :
>    spiped -e -F -s /tmp/blah -t [2] -k key.key
>    yet it complains that the address is already in use...I thought that
>    the intent of the source directive is to read from given source but
>    perhaps it is trying to bind to that socket?
>    I'm not that familiar with sockets so please excuse any paradigms that
>    I have gotten wrong.
>    H
>    On 7 June 2017 at 20:07, Colin Percival <[3]cperciva@tarsnap.com>
>    wrote:
>      On 06/07/17 01:17, JunglHilt wrote:
>      > I'm trying to forward a unix domain socket securely over the
>      internet and was
>      > wondering if this is possible with spiped?
>      Yes.
>      > I have tried specifying a socket as the source(on one side) and
>      target on the
>      > other yet the target socket doesn't get created, so not sure if
>      this is
>      > possible..?
>    spiped doesn't create the target socket.  spiped connects to the target
>    socket, which should have been created by whatever process you want to
>    connect to.
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