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Please test Tarsnap 1.0.27

Hash: SHA1

Hi all,

Version 1.0.27 of the Tarsnap client code is ready for testing.  You can find it
at https://www.tarsnap.com/download/tarsnap-autoconf-1.0.26.tgz, and the tarball
has SHA256 hash 77e2d15e6dba93a39317ca11e898effcb4fe2ec30baefb64f6c58fd266898acf
right now.  (If I upload a new tarball to fix things, I'll send another email to
this list with an updated SHA256 hash.)

Please download/build/run on all your weird systems and let me know if I managed
to break anything between 1.0.26 and 1.0.27.

The significant changes in the 1.0.27 client code are:

* `tarsnap -d` and `tarsnap --print-stats` can now take multiple '-f <archive>'
options, in which case all the specified archives will be deleted or have their
statistics printed.

* `tarsnap -c --dry-run` can now run without any '-f <archive>' option.

* tarsnap now avoids recursing into synthetic filesystems (e.g., procfs) by
default; the '--insane-filesystems' option disables this behaviour (i.e., causes
tarsnap to recurse into synthetic filesystems).

* tarsnap now has a --quiet option which disables some warnings which are
usually harmless.

* tarsnap now takes a '--configfile <file>' option to specify an extra file
from which to take configuration options (in addition to the two default files),
and a '--no-default-config' option to instruct tarsnap that it should not look
for the two default configuration files.

* `tarsnap --fsck` can now be run if either the delete or write keys are present
and no longer attempts to prune corrupted archives from the server.  In the very
unlikely event that corrupted archives are present (never happened so far...),
tarsnap will ask to be run as `tarsnap --fsck-prune`, which requires the delete

* tarsnap can now be run as `tarsnap --recover` to recover a checkpointed
archive; checkpointed archives will continue to be recovered automatically when
`tarsnap -c` or `tarsnap -d` is next run.

* tarsnap now expands '~' to the current user's home directory, NOT to the value
of the $HOME environment variable.  This change affects both locating the user's
~/.tarsnaprc configuration file and parsing configuration options which begin
with '~'.  Note that this will affect the use of tarsnap under sudo(8).

* tarsnap can now store its cache directory on FAT32 filesystems.

Assuming no major problems are reported, I'm aiming to push this release out
some time around the 15th.

- --
Colin Percival
Security Officer, FreeBSD | freebsd.org | The power to serve
Founder / author, Tarsnap | tarsnap.com | Online backups for the truly paranoid
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