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Please test: Tarsnap .deb binary packages

Hi all,

Experimental Tarsnap .deb binary packages are now available for Debian,
Ubuntu, and similar Linux distributions.

You can find installation instructions at
including the Tarsnap experimental debian signing key

Assuming I don't get any emails complaining that something is broken, I'll
announce this more widely (tarsnap-users list, twitter, facebook) in about
a week.  As with tarsnap releases, if you find any new bugs before this is
announced to the wider audience, you'll get double the normal bug bounties.

If all goes well, this will become an official channel for getting tarsnap
(documented on the main tarsnap website, and with a signing key without the
word "EXPERIMENTAL" in its name) in January.

Colin Percival
Security Officer Emeritus, FreeBSD | The power to serve
Founder, Tarsnap | www.tarsnap.com | Online backups for the truly paranoid

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